Transec Monitoring of either a CL3A or CL1  is an optional addition, and can be introduced in modular form.


Two Vaisala MMT 162 probes can be installed into the standard tee fittings on the TRANSEC unit, so that one probe sits in the oil flow at the input and one at the ouput.  The probe has one RS485 signal lead connected to the SIGMA LCD Display unit, which gives a visual read out of Temperature in °C and moisture in oil in ppm for each location.  The probe also has an analogue 0 – 20mA  or 0 – 10V  signal that can be interrogated.

The picture (lower left) shows the CL3AM monitoring enclosure in stainless steel, rated at IP65 with electrical isolator, mounted on the TRANSEC frame. The two MMT162 probe cables are terminated within the enclosure, from where the SCADA and alarm signals can be taken. The local LCD display is housed within the  cabinet.


The continuous operation of the pump and the integrity of the incoming LV supply is monitored via the LEM monitor. The LEM monitor is a C/T through which the live core of the cable which supplies the pump passes.  If current above a pre-set threshold is present then the incoming 240V 50Hz supply is healthy, and the pump is operating.  If either of these fails, an alarm will trigger  in the form of a volts free relay change of state. This can then be brought out hard wired to control, or connected to a remote monitoring facility.